Ferhan Türker Fashion House prepares its wedding dresses for each bride with the Haute Couture approach. Ferhan Türker Fashion House does not engage in mass production.

At Ferhan Türker Fashion House, bespoke, tailored, and fitting sewing services are provided.

Our brides can choose from our collection in our store. Alternatively, they can opt for a completely custom-designed wedding dress with our founder, Mrs. Ferhan. Measurements of the bride are taken, and a pattern is created according to her measurements. A fitting trial is then conducted using this pattern.

During this trial, all details such as “back opening, neckline, etc.” are addressed, and the characteristics of the model are revealed. The pattern is traditionally tried on the customer.

We prioritize the quality of the fabrics, stones, lace, and materials we use, as well as the craftsmanship of the embellishments. However, we believe that quality should not be limited to a certain segment, and with our mission in mind, we offer a wide range of model alternatives at various price points, each crafted with quality workmanship.

For more information regarding our prices, please visit our store.

At Ferhan Türker Fashion House, we provide fittings in four stages:

  1. Initial fitting trial to determine the silhouette, waistline, and other details where the model emerges.
  2. Fitting trial to clearly see the lace and details.
  3. Final fitting trial to ensure everything is in place.
  4. Delivery of the finished dress.

Sometimes additional fittings may be necessary. You’ll be getting a wedding dress where you can see all the details and feel comfortable.

The shape of your wedding dress should be chosen based entirely on your physical characteristics. Trials are crucial in this process.

There will be many factors determining this. We would be happy to assist you with our expert and experienced team in our store.

At Ferhan Türker Fashion House, we recommend tailored fittings, but we do offer this service to our customers living outside the city or abroad. The process is as follows:

First, we require very detailed measurements. We produce the model based on these measurements without fittings. Afterward, we send pictures of all the details to the customer for approval. Once we receive confirmation, we mutually verify if any changes are needed based on the final measurements before sending it.

At Ferhan Türker Fashion House, our recommendation is to select your wedding dress a maximum of 6 months in advance. The production process of the models and the season’s busyness are determining factors. Depending on the production process of the model and the busyness of the season, this timeframe can vary from 1 to 3 months.